Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Story of Us

High school sweetheart they were. It all began at the high school back to school dance where they finally had the opportunity for a dance.  She was devastated when she complimented his good looks and he replied with a lousy “I like your pants” statement.  After that lame compliment by him, she was unsure of his boyfriend capabilities. Fortunately he regained the boyfriend ability when he asked her out shortly after.

Their love continued to blossom as they moved to college together. It wasn’t long before they knew they couldn’t live without each other.  They spent the next three years of college traveling to their favorite places, tailgating at their beloved Washburn Football games, choosing career paths together, taking late night trips to Sheridan’s, and doing what they love the most—spending time with their families.

On 11/11/11 he rolled out of bed and decided that he was ready to propose to her. She had already had a stressful morning so when he was texting her, begging her to join him at the governor’s mansion for a casual date, she respectfully declined. He eventually convinced her to join him on a walk through the governor’s trails. He wasn’t acting out of the ordinary and she had no idea what was yet to come. Naturally, he got a rock in his shoe but instead reached for his pocket. On a bended knee he told her all of the things he loves about her and asked her to marry him. After asking him “is this for real?” she undoubtedly said “ Yes"