Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top eleven of 2011

 #1 was an easy decision---Our engagement on 11/11/11
#2---the "furriest" addition to our family, Paisley.
 #3---My acceptance to the KU Medical Center Occupational Therapy Program
#4---Chris' acceptance to Cleveland Chiropractic College
#5---Our trip to Belize
This photo was taken at the Liberty Children's Home with two of the sweetest boys I have ever met. I only wish I was at a time in my life that I could bring them home with me. Mom, Dad? I wouldn't mind little brothers!
#6----I'm very grateful for the opportunities I had to help after the tornado in Joplin...another life changer.
#7---My second and final year cheering at WU.
#8---Rebant family trip to Branson
#9---An incredible year for ZTA at Alpha Mu. We initiated Bertie McConnell, a sweet 90 year-old woman...the oldest initate in ZTA history. This picture was taken before our taping for the Anderson Cooper show.
#10---Koch family (and extended family) vacation to Breckenridge. This was taken before our attempted hike up the mountain. Let's just say there were only four of us that made it to the top!
#11---Our first official Christmas together! Chris and I split our family time this Christmas. I never liked the idea of changing family traditions but this guy made it absolutely worth it. Next Christmas we'll be celebrating Jesus' birthday as Mr. and Mrs.!