Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top eleven of 2011

 #1 was an easy decision---Our engagement on 11/11/11
#2---the "furriest" addition to our family, Paisley.
 #3---My acceptance to the KU Medical Center Occupational Therapy Program
#4---Chris' acceptance to Cleveland Chiropractic College
#5---Our trip to Belize
This photo was taken at the Liberty Children's Home with two of the sweetest boys I have ever met. I only wish I was at a time in my life that I could bring them home with me. Mom, Dad? I wouldn't mind little brothers!
#6----I'm very grateful for the opportunities I had to help after the tornado in Joplin...another life changer.
#7---My second and final year cheering at WU.
#8---Rebant family trip to Branson
#9---An incredible year for ZTA at Alpha Mu. We initiated Bertie McConnell, a sweet 90 year-old woman...the oldest initate in ZTA history. This picture was taken before our taping for the Anderson Cooper show.
#10---Koch family (and extended family) vacation to Breckenridge. This was taken before our attempted hike up the mountain. Let's just say there were only four of us that made it to the top!
#11---Our first official Christmas together! Chris and I split our family time this Christmas. I never liked the idea of changing family traditions but this guy made it absolutely worth it. Next Christmas we'll be celebrating Jesus' birthday as Mr. and Mrs.!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Story of Us

High school sweetheart they were. It all began at the high school back to school dance where they finally had the opportunity for a dance.  She was devastated when she complimented his good looks and he replied with a lousy “I like your pants” statement.  After that lame compliment by him, she was unsure of his boyfriend capabilities. Fortunately he regained the boyfriend ability when he asked her out shortly after.

Their love continued to blossom as they moved to college together. It wasn’t long before they knew they couldn’t live without each other.  They spent the next three years of college traveling to their favorite places, tailgating at their beloved Washburn Football games, choosing career paths together, taking late night trips to Sheridan’s, and doing what they love the most—spending time with their families.

On 11/11/11 he rolled out of bed and decided that he was ready to propose to her. She had already had a stressful morning so when he was texting her, begging her to join him at the governor’s mansion for a casual date, she respectfully declined. He eventually convinced her to join him on a walk through the governor’s trails. He wasn’t acting out of the ordinary and she had no idea what was yet to come. Naturally, he got a rock in his shoe but instead reached for his pocket. On a bended knee he told her all of the things he loves about her and asked her to marry him. After asking him “is this for real?” she undoubtedly said “ Yes"

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pay It Forward

Last week I was approached by the Educational Credit Union who was participating in an event called "Pay It Forward" which is all about finding a way to help someone in need. The idea is that they will give you $20 to give to someone else who needs it. Of course, I was all over this event, especially because I was heading to Joplin in just a matter of days. Ever since May 22nd, 2011, the city of Joplin has stolen my heart. I spent a few days there shortly after the tornado and was finally able to return this weekend to volunteer for the Hope Station and Extreme Home Makeover. Needless to say, my heart is still in Joplin. Moral of the story is that I met a young woman who had evacuated her high school graduation due to the storm. I sat down with her for quite some time but it didn't take long for me to see the struggles she was facing, exactly five months after the tornado. Right before I left, I approached her with the money the Educational Credit Union had given me. I was nervous, wanting this gift to be out of pure humbleness, modesty, and with the right intentions. Thankfully, she received it graciously and I left knowing God had directed me to the right person that day.

Please go to the Educational Credit Union Facebook page (a link is posted on my wall) and "Like" my video. The video with the most "likes" will receive $500 to their charity of choice. If you can't find it, it is probably because they spelled my name "Kasna." I would sincerely appreciate your vote! This $500 could do great things in Joplin, Missouri!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

I have to admit, I'm a little embarrassed to put this picture on here but without it, I would have no blog post for today. So, my not-so-wordless-Wednesday post is all about celebrating six years hanging out with this awesome guy. Here's to our first (decent, normal, not weird) picture together!
The end.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Joplin-Round 2

I'm so excited to announce that I'll be traveling to Joplin to volunteer for Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition in October. Check it out and join me if you are interested! Seriously though, they need volunteers!


Friday, August 12, 2011

Lake of the Ozarks

The first day on the lake!
My dad, pre-injury, tubing.
Emerson Kate
 Captain Rick
 Kelsi and Emmi
 I'm convinced Dylan is fearless.
 Apparently I was a little frightened tubing, maybe it was because of my partner?

 Chris and Brenda didn't last long tubing, especially with the men driving.
Rachel and Mitch seem to be struggling here.
 One last fling on the tubes before the big bad groin injury

Monday, August 8, 2011

All things summer

Here is an unorganized recap of our family vacation to Breckenridge!
Our crafty minds don't stop on vacation--we painted pottery, twice!

 The "almost" final products!
 Luckiest girl ever.

 We hiked to a  lily pond outside of Breck. Seven of us started the adventure but as you can see, only four of us made it to the top.

 Biking adventures.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sisterly Love

Hey all! I'm happy to be back to the blogging world. I've been super busy and have missed updating my little sunshine blog. I must begin this post with a shout-out to my amazing sister, Kelsi, for revamping my blog banner. She is so creative! Don't you love what she did? If so, you should contact her about refashioning your blog, too!
Not only is my sister creative, she's beautiful, fun, loving, caring, and the best sister and friend I could ask for!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Good Ju Ju

I recently got my first experience at Good Ju Ju, an antique mall type store that is full of refashioned chairs, tables, mirrors, you get the picture! If you are looking for furniture, this is your place! Needless to say, I came home empty handed but my head was spinning with creative ideas...especially after I raided my parents storage closest and found this...treasure?  Below is my latest summer project. I've been meaning to upload pictures of the three chairs I painted but haven't gotten to that yet. Check out my facebook mobile uploads to see one! Oh, and if you can't live without this item or those wild orange chairs, be sure to let me know!

What once was lost....
Is now found!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Father's Day

Dad-thank you for being an amazing example of love, compassion, loyalty, hardwork, generosity, and so much more. Thanks to you I have chosen to live a life committed to being the hands and feet of Jesus. Your example at home and in the community is an everlasting reminder of the way I want to live my life. I love you so much, Dad!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Joplin 2011

After two weeks of volunteering in Topeka, I thought I was done and ready to relax for a few weeks. Those were my plans, not God's plans. I was sitting in church on Sunday morning (a service that I wasn't planning on being able to go to) as someone got up to speak about the Joplin relief efforts. It hit me really hard and I knew it was God urging me to go. So, I came home trying to figure out what I could do to help. Apparently God had it worked out way before I did because it was planned and I was off work before Sunday lunch was over. I am so thankful for proactive parents who helped me get this trip going! The following Sunday, my mom, Kim, and I headed towards Joplin for a few days of volunteering at College Heights Christian Church distribution center. Here are a few pictures from the trip that really don't do it justice.

 Distribution Center
 Tents in the front yard as temporary homes.

God knows, God cares, and he already has it worked out.
 St. John's Hospital-worse than I imagined. This picture does not even begin to tell the devastation in this area.

Proof that God is bigger than the storms!