Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Our home!

As many of you know, Chris and I have been on the house hunt for what seems like decades. After touring nearly 43449574 homes, we finally found "the one"! I've been promising my friends and family some picture updates so here they are. Please pardon the mess =)

The first day in our new place! I've never realized how tricky it is with only two of us to get pictures together. Hopefully we'll have some sweet little neighbor lady take one for us to post later.

 Yay for our precious little kitchen! 
 The previous owner worked for Hallmark and added lots of quirky touches to the house like the tile floor in in the kitchen.
 (Coming soon) Living room
 Dining area
 Remember I said the owner had lots of quirky touches---yep.
 Another interesting touch to our home was a little "Cafe de le Duh" on the sun porch. Super creative and fun but definitely not something I'd be able to live with for a long period of time.

I told Chris we could keep the Cafe if he promised to serve me coffee every morning so this is what we got...a painted sun porch =)
 I had to post this work in progess picture of my lovely man creeping through our window.

 Our little Anthropologie inspired bathroom (please pardon the wrinkles).
Just a small glimpse into our room =)

So there you go, a sneak peak into our home! Stay tuned for more exciting details later!