Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Joplin 2011

After two weeks of volunteering in Topeka, I thought I was done and ready to relax for a few weeks. Those were my plans, not God's plans. I was sitting in church on Sunday morning (a service that I wasn't planning on being able to go to) as someone got up to speak about the Joplin relief efforts. It hit me really hard and I knew it was God urging me to go. So, I came home trying to figure out what I could do to help. Apparently God had it worked out way before I did because it was planned and I was off work before Sunday lunch was over. I am so thankful for proactive parents who helped me get this trip going! The following Sunday, my mom, Kim, and I headed towards Joplin for a few days of volunteering at College Heights Christian Church distribution center. Here are a few pictures from the trip that really don't do it justice.

 Distribution Center
 Tents in the front yard as temporary homes.

God knows, God cares, and he already has it worked out.
 St. John's Hospital-worse than I imagined. This picture does not even begin to tell the devastation in this area.

Proof that God is bigger than the storms!


  1. Kasha, thank you for feeling God's gave me the opportunity to experience all those blessings with you! You're right...the pictures do not do it justice!

  2. How wonderful, Kasha! You girls helped out at Trevor's and my Joplin church. : )