Sunday, May 8, 2011


I've recently found my love for crafting. It all started this winter when we were stuck inside on a few college snow days. Lucky me!! I was stranded so I decided to craft. I even resorted to origami because there were no supplies and no way to get out in the snow. Unfortunately, the only time I craft is when I have a TON of homework to do hence the title..crafting is way better than studying! So naturally, when finals week came around, I began crafting again! Here are my recent creations!

For Valentine's Day, Chris and I decided to save some money and make something for each other. I don't have a picture of what I made him, but I'm pretty impressed with what he made me. He informed me not to expect anything else anytime soon because he used all of his "craftiness" on this.


  1. Chris....way to go!!! :) What do you use for your creations?? Looks like paper& wood. Oh....and color! Fun!